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Maria Dy (519) 830. 0172 • • Certified Personal Trainer • Stott ® Trained Pilates Instructor


"Maria has unparalleled qualifications in her field and is offering fantastic opportunity to improve yourself. I have taken her pilates course and every class has been challenging and rewarding. She is extremely motivating, encouraging and enthusiastic. I am sure that anyone, at any fitness level, will benefit from knowledge and training ability". Stephanie C.


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what is pilates?

Pilates (pronounced Pi-lah-teez) is a system of exercise that teaches core control, stability, and endurance. This method of over 500 controlled exercises engages and conditions the total body and mind through a balanced blend of strength and flexibility training that will improve posture, reduce stress, and create long, lean muscles without bulking up your body. Pilates is the ideal method of exercise if you want a strong and toned, yet lean physique—much like that of a professional dancer.

Pilates achieves long and lean muscles by working several muscle groups simultaneously with smooth, continuous motions. It places particular concentration on strengthening and stabilizing the core (which is made up of the abdomen, back and pelvic girdle region, and which Pilate’s teachers and experts often refer to as the "powerhouse").

Most people associate Pilates with Yoga. Although there are some similarities, for instance both Yoga and Pilates put a strong emphasis on breathing techniques and body awareness, Pilates differs in its use of a series of small pieces of equipment that provide greater challenge to the core and extremities. Equipment such as fitness circles, toning balls, flex bands, foam rollers, stability balls, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillac and the Ladder Barrel are often used to provide resistance during classes.

Pilates classes offer a balanced approach to fitness, so no muscle group is fatigued or overworked, and you will emerge from your workout feeling invigorated rather than exhausted. The benefits of Pilates are endless! With increased core strength and stability, you will experience improved posture, body mechanics, control, stronger abs and back, and longer and leaner muscles!

Pilates is for anyone who wishes to learn about, and improve their core muscle strength. Beginners who have very little or no Pilates experience might want to consider private instruction in order to first learn the basic Pilates principles and how to effectively apply these to each exercise.

Private Pilates Training, Semi-Private Pilates Training and Group Pilates Classes are available through . Please contact Maria for more details.