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Maria Dy (519) 830. 0172 • • Certified Personal Trainer • Stott ® Trained Pilates Instructor

Benefits of a

Personal Trainer

  • an initial consultation will asses your current state of health and define your fitness goals to provide a benchmark with which to measure your progress
  • the training program will be changed regularly for variety and to allow for continued progression
  • having a regularly scheduled appointment is great for maintaining motivation
  • individualized programming includes assisting with injury rehabilitation
  • increased client focus and continued motivation
  • programming taps into all components of fitness such as cardiovascular, muscular, strength, flexiblity and body composition
  • up to 80% faster results

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"I really like the classes.....I find the instruction at a good pace (not too slow or fast), friendly but supportive and challenging at the same time. You push me to work harder and I feel good about myself slowly improving each time as I've never done this before. I like the class size. I didn't want to go to a large class where I would feel intimidated or not get personal attention. The studio is comfortable and well equipped. I would recommend anyone take this class. I can't think of any negatives!" E.A.

"It's been a pleasure working with you on pilates. You are a very energetic and motivating teacher, and I really appreciate how picky you were. I think it would be quite easy to "cheat" at pilates if you weren't there making sure my abs were engaged! You really explained the concepts well and have motivated me to keep working at the course. I have really enjoyed your class". A.M

"During the time that I worked with Maria, I was able to achieve goals I never thought I could. I lost weight and I gained strength! Maria's ever changing ways to train make workouts interesting and challenging, there is never a dull moment. I really appreciate the opportunity I had to train with Maria, she was always there to challenge and motivate me to go further and further. I appreciate her not only as a trainer but also as a friend. I highly recommend Maria's services. Thanks so much for everything". Micheline

"For the last 6 months I have had the pleasure of working with Maria and couldn't be happier with the results. I had considered myself reasonably fit when I started my fitness program with her, however, Maria took me to the next level with customized workouts and nutritional meal plans, she is a key factor in my ongoing good health and positive mindset. Maria provided a vast knowledge of her craft and flexibility in training methods, not to mention her positive and motivating attitude. Maria is more than a personal trainer, she is someone I now consider a friend and I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for lasting results". Kristen Clancy

“During the summer of 2007 Maria worked with me as a personal trainer, and those hours were some of the toughest and at the same time the most enjoyable that I have spent working out. She is very good at pushing you to get the most out of the hour, but she never wants you to feel bored. For working any given muscle group Maria will come up with several different exercises which keeps the process interesting; and what makes it so enjoyable is that you spend a lot of the time laughing. Maria is open and friendly in her manner, yet very determined and focused about making sure you are working each muscle area safely but thoroughly, and she emphasizes the core group of muscles so consistently that I find that the back problems which used to plague me have diminished considerably since I have internalized her commands and they sound gently in my head (“tighten your core”). Should it ever be possible to work together again in Toronto, I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up with Maria, and I warmly recommend her”. Lynda S.

"Maria has unparalleled qualifications in her field and is offering fantastic opportunity to improve yourself. I have taken her pilates course and every class has been challenging and rewarding. She is extremely motivating, encouraging and enthusiastic. I am sure that anyone, at any fitness level, will benefit from knowledge and training ability". Stephanie C.

"With her passion, energy, enthusiasm and humour, Maria helped me reach a fitness level I could never have achieved on my own. I recommend her wholeheartedly". D.N.

“I can highly recommend Maria as a coach and trainer for Pilates and the Reformer. She’s very patient and with a sense of humour, she can “push and stretch me” just the right amount. I enjoy the one-on-one time because Maria shapes the exercises to my goals and limitations. Maria is continually learning and brings both experience and new information to the sessions. It’s been great. Thank you, Maria.” Anne H.

"Maria is a fantastic trainer - she pays attention to your personal needs and creates a program suited just for your goals and takes into mind your obstacles. She brings a lot of background knowledge into her training that makes her really well-rounded and extremely qualified to handle a variety of different clients. Highly recommended!" Kelly

“Maria's skills and knowledge are outstanding. She takes the time to explain the training and works closely with me to ensure that I am doing things in the most beneficial way. Her encouragement and positive energy are very inspiring." S.P.

“It’s challenging and highly motivating class! I’m full of sweat but I feel great at the end of it! Thank you, Maria". M.U.

“Achieve results with The PerFitU Boot Camp. I started to see results after a couple of weeks and it is lots of fun too!". Carla

“The PerFit U boot camp was an amazing experience! I feel stronger, healthier and more toned after attending a month of boot camp. Maria is excellent at creating individualized, motivating and challenging fitness programs". Christine